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"I learned that different people have different opinions on things, such as the poppy. I never really knew what the poppy truly symbolised but now that I know I respect it and its true meaning"Lee, Conflict Resolution Student

Murals Project

Neighbourhood Community Cohesion Reimaging Project funded by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive

Murals in Northern Ireland play a significant role in the explanation of community politics. The International School for Peace Stufies facilitates discussions at local level with the community engaging in the painting of relevant scences depicting the story of Messines and Brotherhood.

Community leaders have been working with our organisation ans the Northern Ireland Housing Exective to begin the process of evvaluating and considering existing and proposed new murals.

The project is designed to work in patrnership with the Housing Executives Community Cohesion Strategy to deliver workshops to provide opportunities for a more stable, safer, neightbourhood.  The objective was to develope strong, positive relations between people from differnt backgrounds who utilise this shared space. 

As part of this project we have created five striking images of the Battle of Magazines within the Ebrington Centre Carpark to celebrate their shared history. This involved holding a series of workshops so that people could get a greater understanding of how soildiers from opposing traditions across the island of Ireland came together during the World War One. 

The five mural images are titled 

Mural One: Not The Traditional Enemey Just Another Human Being On A Foriegn Battlefield

Mural Two: The Division Colours and Battle Honours of the Three Divisions Formed in Ireland 10th Irish Division, the 16th Irish Division and the 36th Ulster Divisions 

Mural Three: The Divisional Plythne of the Three Divisions Formed in Ireland 10th Irish Division, the 16th Irish Division and the 36th Ulster Divisions with total number of casualties. It depicts the numbers of those killed, wounded and missing.

Mural Four: The Last Post and Menin gate

Mural Five: The Spirit of the Dead Soldiers

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