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""I feel that the Messines Experience should be brought into the educational curriculum in the north and south so everyone can experience it""John, Conflict Resolution Student

Annual 7th June Commoration

Since 2009, the International School for Peace Studies (I.S.P.S) has organized a Commemoration Parade on 7th June to mark the joint sacrifices of people throughout our island in the First World War, commemorating particularily their joint sacrfice on 7th June 1917 at the battle of Messines.  This parade has taken place in Londonderry/Derry every year. An additional parade was carried out in Coleraine in 2011.

The short parade culminates at the Cenotaph where people who have participated in the programme perform various pieces in memory of "The Fallen".  Over the years, several have felt confident enough to stand at the Cenotaph and share their "Messines Experience" with others.


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